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VulnWatcher, our Vulnerability Management solution, helps you know your IT infrastructure and its components as well as identify vulnerabilities and prioritizing their relevance.

In addition, you are able, at any given time, to carry out reassessments of vulnerabilities on your IT infrastructure.

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Vulnerability Management. Done Right!

Powerful Reports

Reports available on any device for on-the-move quick and concise information access.

Multiple Security Scanners

Access your network using multiple security scanners, don't be limited to just one view.

Modern and Intuitive

Quickly and intuitively find the desired information, waste no time.


16:45:11 23.05.2013 Minimising the risks of Cyberspying your organisation When we hear the term ‘spying’ or ‘espionage’, we immediately think of the CIA and the KGB, or of James Bond. The term ‘cyberspying’ probably brings to mind equally strong images of Robert Redford in Sneakers, or Angelina Jolie in her earlier role as ‘Acid Burn’ in Hackers, or the real-life exploits of cracker-turned-consultant Kevin Mitnick. However, industrial cyber espionage is often far more mundane, and far more widespread (and hence more dangerous) then the widely-held perceptions of a few highly brilliant individuals going after high-value national assets. The key to success for many a company lies in information that only that particular company (in the persons of its designated officials) knows. For example, KFC’s … Read More →
15:21:03 15.05.2013 Locking down your servers and workstations In this day of cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service), many companies are making the choice to outsource their storage and email needs (amongst others) to a 3rd-party datacentre or service provider. But there are cogent reasons for maintaining in-house servers; whether for more control over your data and trade secrets, or for cost optimisation, your organisation might have decided to take the path of maintaining your own authentication, file, email, IM, videoconferencing or VOIP server solutions.   If this is the direction that you have chosen to go, then you should be aware of the implications of this decision. Aside from the issues of redundancies, backups, uptime and all the other criteria usually spelled out in SLAs, you will be responsible for patching, updating… Read More →
16:34:36 29.04.2013 'Smart' consumer electronics security Most people are aware of the needs of IT security in the office, especially in dealing with PCs, smartphones and tablets. A smaller segment of the population (including, we hope, our customers and readers) are more clued-in when it comes to IT security as it affects industrial embedded devices, such as SCADA systems. But much fewer people stop and consider the security impact that ‘smart’ consumer-grade electronics poses to your home network, and quite possibly to your office as well. In this post, we want to separate out the facts from the FUD hype, and bring the matter to your attention.   The notion of “digital convergence”, or that of being able to gain access to your electronic devices and data from anywhere, is not a new one. As far back as 2000 … Read More →
12:17:23 02.04.2013 What is SQL Injection In a previous post, we highlighted some of the potential types of vulnerabilities due to ‘bad’ input. This post concentrates on one of these types, which is known as ‘SQL Injection’. This vulnerability class is one of the most common ones in WWW applications, despite the fact that web programmers should know better. It is also one of the most potentially devastating, and one of the hardest to guard against.   It is worthwhile, before diving into the vulnerability itself, to put it in its proper context. Today’s World Wide Web, unlike its beginnings, is no longer a simple static display of text and images. Almost all the wonderful and interactive uses of the Web (as we understand it today) are powered by databases. Be it social media like Linked… Read More →
12:02:12 26.03.2013 Fuzz-testing your Software Computers (and by extension, computer software) transform input into output through a series of instructions. That is to say, applications:   Take A (something you give it, in the form of a file, or keystrokes/mouse events, or sensor data)  Perform some work on it (based on commands that either you give it, or were set up earlier)  Hand you B (the result of its work, in the form of a file, or an action, or even just an acknowledgement message).   So for example, an antivirus program will take as input the files you have chosen, scan them for malware, and either hand you back a cleaned file (if infected), or tell you no malware was detected. A word processor takes your typed input, and gives you a blog post (like this one ). Fire suppression systems … Read More →
11:24:58 05.03.2013 First Security Technology AG - Social Media March 2013 - - First Security Technology AG - Announcing due to the overwhelming need and consumer demand, its new social media outlets! The consumer response has been overwhelming to the announcement of the revamped VulnWatcher product line. The global audience has been clamoring for more information to the solution and system. First Security Technology AG, has opened social media outlets dedicated to the consumer for response. Global announcements and product releases are amazing times. Consumers and companies clamor for information and access. Excitement over the new products has been overwhelming. Now, you will be able to stay connected and kept abreast with the latest in security: Facebook:… Read More →
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